Perfect opportunity to visit Firenze

Get in on all the Reinassance wonders of Florence, Tuscany. A beautiful city, with so much to see. Why not take advantage of our luxury transportation and personal chauffeur?

Some of the most famous venues?  Santa Maria del Fiore, and beautiful Piazza Della Signoria. With a view on Palazzo della Signoria, known as Palazzo Vecchio.

World famous and THE most ancient bridges in Florence, Ponte Vecchio!
One of the most important buildings in the City, is Palazzo Pitti, full of art and history from Renaissance times up! While you’re in Florence, why not visit the Accademia museum as well? It’ll give you the opportunity of admiring many sculpures and masterpieces, like Michelangelo’s David.

Before returning to Rome, make sure to stop in one of the Trattorias…for a delicious florentine meal.

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