Enjoy Tuscany wines and places

Imagine this: Your personal driver will welcome you at your hotel in Rome to whisk you away on your private, luxury vehicle. Travel some of the most beautiful sceneries in Italy, cruising on what Italian call the Sun’s highway. The road that crosses Italy, from North to South and connects Rome with Tuscany. The landscapes are absolutely breathtaking. Surrounded by tall cypress hills, olive groves and vineyards you can admire views that you can’t find anywhere else.

Driving to Tuscany, you will notice how people and nature are completely in-sync. And you’ll learn about out the real Tuscan lifestyle right away, that overwhelming welcoming and warm embrace of simple, down to earth living. You’ll feel so good, you’ll want to move here!

Your driver will take you up and around the Elsa River, to reach the Chianti region and one of the most well known wineries in Tuscany. A private wine tasting is what comes next. A tour around the winery, walking through the vineyards, you’ll learn absolutely everything there is to know about wine making. What is it that makes this wine so special and so known around the world? Visit the cellars where the aging process takes place. Enjoy listening to the interesting explanation and details. And after exploring, take a seat in a veranda overlooking the vast stretch of land and hills dotted with vineyards, enjoy your private wine tasting. Learn how to pair it, which dishes go best with what wine, and taste the Tuscan treasure. The finest selection of whites and reds.

So after this beautiful experience, your tour driver will arrange another stop just before you return to Rome. San Gimignano, a quaint Medieval town that deserves to be visited. It is so beautiful, rustic, with fortress like towers popping out of the bed of tiled roofs. Take a look around, explore! Your driver will tell you all about it and will give you all the hints on how to enjoy your visit on your own.

After you’ve reunited with your driver, you’ll return to Rome. With plenty of memories of a beautiful day you spent in Tuscany, exploring this land, tasting delicious wines. A day you’ll cherish, guaranteed! 

This limo tour is just what you need, if you’re looking for exciting, new things to try. Escape from the usual routine and touristic patterns of Rome and immerse yourself in a memorable activity visiting Tuscany.

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