A private guided tour of Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel with a personal guide!

The Vatican Museums. Sistine Chapel. Saint Peter’s Basilica.

Sites that certainly don’t need an introduction. The Vatican, the World’s first Church, pillar of Catholicism, is not only a Religious landmark. This State inside a State is a perfect, meticulous exposition of art, architecture, history, and more. With the outstanding knowledge of personal, qualified guides, to make it all more special.

And we are not only talking about Saint Peter’s.

The Vatican Museums are a collection of never ending halls, rooms and chambers, dungeons and stairways, absolutely filled, from floor to ceilings with paintings, artifacts from different cultures, sculptures, books, tapestries, reliefs, frescoes and more. It is hard to explain in just one article how many things there are to see in these museums. So many works of art are found here, by different artists: Giotto, Leonardo da Vinci, Titian, Raphael, Caravaggio, Michelangelo are among the most famous.

And to contain the objects, sculptures and artifacts from different eras in time, there are actual Gregorian museums inside the Museums. An Etruscan Museum and an Egyptian Museum. Both absolutely worth a visit.

This place is visited all year round from millions of visitors. Attracted by the beautiful historical artistic relevance and religious magnitude.

For example, walking through the halls you can prepare for a jaw dropping moment as you enter the hall of the maps. A room with golden, arched ceilings so bright and walls decorated with enormous tapestries. Woven maps, centuries-old. Impeccably preserved.

The cortile della Pigna

It’s another famous mandatory stop inside the Vatican Museums, a belvedere with views of an up close dome of the Basilica of Saint Peter. A stop for pictures here, should be the law.

But we don’t want to spoil any surprises. So let’s skip to the part where from inside the Museums you will be lead directly to the one and only, Sistine Chapel. The Chapel, where Cardinals reunite to elect the new Pope.

No spoilers. You’ll have to discover it on your own with the guidance and incredible descriptions offered by your personal guide.

From the Sistine Chapel you’ll head to the majestic Basilica.

The First Church, hosting the remains of Saint Peter, and the tomb of the Popes, it is possibly the most beautiful active church in the world. Artwork, sculptures and domes. The Basilica is absolutely a mandatory stop. The highlights are certainly Bernini’s Pulpit and the one and only sculpture of the Pietà by Michelangelo or other curiosities, like the bronze statue of Saint Peter. Tradition has it that when you visit the Basilica you have to stop in front of this statue and rub your hand on its foot, for good fortune and blessings. 

Your private guide will highlight every detail, every possible aspect of everything you’ll see on your private tour of the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel. 

Memories for a lifetime on this private tour