It’s possibly the most famous Italian City. The Nation’s Capitol, the home of Vatican City. Not only it is celebrated for it’s extraordinary historical aspect, it is an artistical hub, a political pillar and a cultural combination of different eras and traditions.

You can do so many things when in Rome. You can tour the different historical sites, the Colosseum, the Roman forum, the Catacombs and Archeological sites. You can visit the different squares, ancient roads, fountains and monuments, like Piazza Navona, the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain, the monument to king Vittorio Emanuele III, the egyptian obelisk of Piazza San Giovanni. The hundreds of churchers and Cathedrals, above all Saint Peter’s Basilica, the world’s first church, or other churches, in the heart of Rome, which hosts some incredible masterpieces. Or beautiful gardens and palaces. And museums, above of all the Vatican Museums.

When in Rome, there are so many things to see, from Roman times to Reinassance. There are an infinity of things you could see or do in just one day!

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