The Garden of delights

A love story between history and nature. Where the two coexist in perfect harmony. What the feudal Lords, who once owned these lands, did is create something magical and one of a kind.

Ninfa’s Gardens, traditionally known as the City of Dreams. Over 10.000 species of rare plants and flowering trees from all over the world grow among the mediaeval ruins, while the river Ninfa forms a lake in the garden. There are 2000 plant species from all over the world living in perfect coexistence, in the gardens microclimate. Since its origins, when the Romans built the Temple of the Naiad Nymphs, till the 19th century when it was transformed in a romantic English garden, the Garden of Ninfa has always been a magic place, that continues to fascinate its visitors.

The Gardens of Ninfa, are a paradise of flowers, water streams and sunlight, a splendid example of poetry and mediaeval architecture located at the foot of the Lepini mountains in the province of Latina. Visitors are thrown into an untouched and unpolluted environment where many writers, such as Virginia WoolfTruman CapoteUngaretti, and Moravia, found inspiration for their creations, a true literary salon.

A Rome Limo tour to this beautiful Garden will have you talking about it for months ahead. It truly is a memorable tour.

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