A short drive out of Rome will lead to some memorable places

Jaw dropping experience

The venues are impeccably idyllic, the lifestyle is relaxed and easy going, the people are down to earth and welcoming. The art, the history, the landscapes, everything is beautiful around the Bracciano Lake.

It is consistently one of the top ten visited places in the countryside of Rome. Tourists appreciate the settings and visitors arrive from all over the world!

The Lake

This beautiful volcanic lake, just a couple miles away from Rome, it is dotted with 3 little towns along the crater, through the beautiful evergreen hills. Bracciano, Trevignano Romano and Anguillara. The lake is named after Bracciano, the more relevant of the 3. As this town is the stronghold of the area’s royalty. Hence the gigantic Castle Odescalchi, owned by a noble Italian family the Orsini-Odescalchi.


Hidden in the shadows of the Castle, you can stroll around the Old side of town. The Centro Storico as they call it. You can understand better how this town was really like in the peak of noble years, with the Castle and the citadel at its feet. Oh and the castle is totally accessible! The art and sculptures, the ceilings, the tapestries, everything is just beautiful. You can see areas like the armor chamber or another one called the blood chamber, because of the red tapestries. And possibly because of the gruesome legends involving a certain noblewoman of the Orsini-Odescalchi family. It’s said that she would lead her many lovers to this particular room and later kill them by throwing them into a hidden deadly trapdoor. What’s interesting about this legend is that the trapdoor is yet to be found in the blood chamber!

Before leaving the castle, stop in the beautiful gardens for a moment to take in the beauty: A full view of the lake, the tiny towns in the distance. This will leave you speechless, we promise. It is the perfect venue for any occasion. Can you imagine having your wedding here? In fact many have used the Castle as a wedding venue, including Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, being it such a special and unique place.


The next destination. A beautiful town with a quaint city center. The houses built ages ago make the scenery all the more rustic, very peculiar. Anguillara Sabazia has so much to offer in terms of views and quaintness.


A perfect place to be. It is so quaint, with a beautiful lakeside promenade, framed with centuries old Pine trees. And a belvedere that is the out of this world! The Centro storico, the old side of town, here is so small and the streets, entirely in cobblestone, are so narrow that cars cannot enter. Tiny houses of different pastel colors, with ivy running up and down the facades and from one end of the street to the other twirled around the telephone wires. And if you are feeling extra in shape (it doesn’t really matter trust us) after a short climb of a steep set of stairs, and a walk behind the church, located in the highest point of the Town, you can turn around, catch your breath and take in the astonishing vista. Highly recommend eating in a restaurant overlooking the lake.

After everything you’ve seen, there will certainly be some time left to explore some more of the Roman countryside.

Calcata is an excellent stop

Calcata is one of those towns that will just leave you speechless. Not just because of its sizes and its location, but also because of the incredible atmosphere you can experience here. To be more specific, this town is entirely carved in a ledge of solid tuff rock, directly on a cliff overlooking the woods and water stream below. An artistic community lives here now. The climate and location makes it challenging to live here. Not for those who look for inspiration and solitude. They are certainly the bravest. So stroll around in this stone town and you’ll find little shops, musicians playing, artists painting. Alternated with sudden moments of silence. Relaxing, rustic and absolutely beautiful and the views are amazing!

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