The perfect tour of Rome during your Mediterranean cruise

With a pick up and drop off directly at the dock of your cruise ship, this Rome tour is the perfect activity.

Visit the splendors of Rome

A personal tour driver that would take you to the Eternal city to see the main events!

The Roman Forum and Colosseum, Venezia Square, monument to Victor Emanuel, last king of Italy, a few of the Seven legendary hills of Rome, Palatine Hill and Capitoline Hill included. And more Roman sites like the Circus Maximus, where ancient games were conducted, and the Pantheon.

All the way to Renaissance Times!

Trevi Fountain and Spanish steps are mandatory. And a drive by Castle Sant’Angelo, Via Veneto, St. Nicholas in Chains, the Italian Parliament and the Council of Ministers overlooking the Piazza Colonna, with Emperor Marcus Aurelius column is still standing. 

Other Roman Curiosities await

Like the Giant Marble foot and the Cats’ Street (your limo driver will tell you all about it!), Trajan’s Column, the Maps of the Empire, the Arch of Constantine and the Temples of Apollo, Vesta and Janus.

All this beauty can sure work up an appetite.  That’s why we recommend having lunch in a typical restaurant. Perhaps in Trastevere, a beautiful neighborhoods, with ancient narrow cobblestone streets and unique buildings.

Before heading back to your cruise ship make one last special stop!

Saint Peter’s Basilica. The First Church. A colossus that welcomes thousands of visitors each day. Filled with beautiful paintings and frescoes, sculptures and details. Like the Pulpit Bernini made. This big construction where the altar is, right on top of Saint Peter’s burial site. Or la Pietà by Michelangelo. Or other artworks to admire!

A private limo tour of Rome during your cruise is just what you need.

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