Roman times, Reinassance, this limo tour has it all!

Rome is all the more interesting when it comes to exploring it’s history. And it isn’t confined just to the Eternal city…oh no, the whole area surrounding Rome is filled with historical sites, buildings, castles, gardens and archeological wonders and so much more, from different ages and transformations through the eras. A testament to the future, to remember and appreciate the history, the traditions and beauty.

Perhaps a Rome Limo tour to Tivoli, would be a great introduction to the local history. There are 2 sites you absolutely have to visit. One is Italy’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Villa Adriana hosting the ruins and lavishness of a majestic Roman Villa built as an Emperial Summer residence in 120 AD by Emperor Adriano or (Hadrian). Take a walk through the ruins, to admire the ancient Romans’ concept of leisure and wealth. Another is Villa D’Este, a beautifully preserved 16th Century Villa, famous for it’s gorgeous Reinassance gardens, and fountains and beautiful view of the surrounding landscapes, immersed entirely in nature.

What a fun way to spend your day exploring central Italy wonders.

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