Ancient burial grounds, culture, traditions, religious customs. This Limo tours is on a completely different level. Literally. 

Undergrounds, underworlds, Higher grounds 

A Rome Limo Tours for those who want to explore the more unusual aspect of Roman culture. Travel along the ancient Appian Way to arrive in the famous Catacombs of Saint Callixtus

The biggest more important catacombs in the City of Rome. The Catacombs were constructed around the 3rd century aD and were the cemetery of Rome’s Church. Millions of Christians, along with several Popes were laid to rest here. The catacombs originate around the 2nd century aD, when Christian communities started to excavate their burial grounds in the tuff rock soil under the city. And when the wealthy families of Rome converted to Christianity, they donated their vast lands in the city premises entirely to the Church. To expand the religious customs and burial grounds. 

You will discover religious symbols, crypts, frescoes in the resting place of the more wealthy figures. And also the more humble cubicles of the working class. Everything intact through the centuries, carved in different layers of Tuff rock. The catacombs were entrusted to the care of the Salesians of Don Bosco. And with all the attentive care, you’ll be escorted in the undergrounds by the congregation’s expert guides and historians. 

Back to Rome, to Higher Grounds of the Basilica of Saint John in Lateran

The “Archbasilica Cathedral of the Most Holy Savior and of Saints John the Baptist and John the Evangelist in the Lateran”. One of the most ancient, most beautiful churches in the Eternal City. It hosts a vast quantity of artworks and paintings, magnificent statues in late baroque style of the 12 Apostles.  And it is resting place of several influential personalities, including several Popes. The last Pope to be buried here, Pope Leo the 13th was the last Pope to be buried in a church outside Saint Peter’s Basilica. 

Saint John in Lateran hosts a magnificent cloister and the entrance of the Baptistery, adjacent to the Church is an absolutely artistic digest. Another extremely important part of the premises is the Scala Sancta, the Holy Stairs. The original stairs Jesus Christ walked on, during his journey through is Passion. Saint Helena has later in Christianity and birth of the Catholic church, commissioned for the stairs to be brought to Rome from Jerusalem.

 Basilica of San Clemente is next on the itinerary

A minor basilica dedicated to Pope Clemente the 1st. The Medieval building we see today is part of a 3-tier building complex: 

  1. Beneath the present Church is a Basilica from the 4th Century, converted out of the home of a Roman noble family;
  2. That was originally an early church briefly, during the 1st Century. Which basement served as a Pagan Temple  in the 2nd Century.
  3. And below all this, in the deepest layer are the foundations of a Republican Villa, that had been destroyed during the “Great Fire” of the 64th century aD.

Layers and layers of history!

Before the end of this private limo tour, you must make another interesting stop. The Capuchin Crypt.

Adjacent to the Capuchin Church, in the famous Via Veneto, is a museum committed to the Capuchin Friars’ congregation. A Crypt in which thousands of Friars lay to rest on display, skeletons in tunics as protectors of something Holy and mysterious. Bones and skulls and skeletons of the friars from different ages decorate the entire complex, on the walls, the ceilings and even the chandeliers. Some may find it frightening, others may appreciate the humbling and profound symbolism.

A private Limo Tour of the Undergrounds of Rome is really an exploration of different layers of history and religion.

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