Behold the Ghost Town

We’ll arrange a private expedition from Rome, to see some of the World’s most amazing villages!

First Orvieto, a one-of-a-kind village in the Umbria region’s countryside. It rises on one of the most fruitful Tuff stone deposit. Orvieto hosts some incredible buildings. I mean, the whole town is worth visiting because the infrastructures are astonishing. But particularly note worthy are the Duomo, or Cathedral, which is a Catholic pillar in the area, with a distinguished Gothic-like imprint. Or Saint Patrick’s well, very interesting to see. There are also the Town Undergrounds, a labyrinthic time travel to the Etruscan Era. In fact the whole region is the Etruscans made there landmark. Their presence was very strong and it’s left us with innumerous, lables, artifacts, stories and traditions from back in the day.

Then off to visit the Ghost Town of Civita di Bagnoregio. That’s right, Ghost Town. The now deserted village was once a flourishing commercial hub. First populated by the Etruscans, then by the Romans up to the middle ages and some time in our era, this town was a passage way between towns, where people would conduct an easy life in the agricultures. But entire Centuries of erosion, have reduced this hill town to a precarious bunch of houses, perched on a what is now a dune made of tuff and sand. Making it impossible to live in. It is even completely separated by the most recent part of the town. Making all the more isolated and secluded. The only way to reach the Ghost Town is by walking up a long bridge… We absolutely recommend a visit!

Your private tour driver would give you a beautiful tour of the area, to not miss out on what this region offers.

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