A day to explore the highlights of Umbria

A Limo Tour from Rome to visit some pretty great locations. A whirlwind of emotions are guaranteed on this tour, as you stroll through Perugia and Assisi. Gothic architectures, Religion, nature, all perfectly co-existing in harmony.


is one of the most interesting villages in the Region. It is basically known for its World wide chocolate export. A Chocolate factory that produces some of the most delicious chocolate products. Not to name names, but let just say that if there is one chocolate product that comes to mind, that has an Italian name, here is where it’s born and made! There is also an event, called Eurochocolate, that takes place in October. It involves master chocolatiers from all over Europe, that gather every year to present their newest products and sweet inventions.

Aside from these “chocolaty” traditions, Perugia is still a remarkable town. Walking through the streets you can discover its artistic, historical side that is all the more fascinating. Some sites you have to see are the San Lorenzo Basilica, a gothic delight, and Palazzo dei Priori, hosting the Town Hall.

Next stop Assisi

A idyllic little town, which hosts breathtaking, gorgeous views. Known all over the world for its connection to the famous Saint and Italians’ spiritual guide, Saint Francis of Assisi. In fact, this town has visitors from all over the world on a yearly basis, that are attracted to this place and are eager to visit its holy sites in devotion to the Saint. The church dedicated to Saint Francis is in a beautiful setting. And with the surrounding views and gracious atmosphere it earned a well deserved position in the UNESCO world Heritage program. Another magnificent church is the Cathedral of Santa Chiara, built around the first site in which Saint Francis was laid to rest. Santa Maria degli Angeli is another beautiful church you should visit.

For religious and non religious visitors, Assisi is a pillar of beauty, nature, architectures and art, all represented in its churches and historical buildings. And Perugia is one of those places that you have to consider if you are looking for the off the beaten path experience. We highly recommend this private limo tour.

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