A day to explore the highlights of Umbria

A mix of Catholicism, Gothic structures, art and chocolate. Perugia is one of the most interesting villages in Umbria. A qaint atmosphere will leave you day dreaming, as you gaze through the streets. The gothic Basilica of San Lorenzo and the Town Hall in Palazzo dei Priori are definitely a MUST SEE.

Other than amazing architecture, Perugia is a world famous producer of Chocolate. Exported globally, the chocolateer tradition is certainly present in the every day life in Perugia. Celebrated yearly through parades and other chocolaty events, like the “Eurochocolate” an important event that takes place every October…

Then there is Assisi, another charming little village. Famous for the breath taking views, the gorgeous scenery and for the Cathedral dedicated to the pillar of Christianity, Saint Francis of Assisi. A beautiful church, which became a UNESCO world heritage site in the 2000s. There is also the Santa Chiara cathedral, built around the church which first hosted St. Francis’ remains. Another beautiful church is Santa Maria degli Angeli. Assisi hosts some of Italy’s most beautiful and important churches.

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