Best locations

The best locations recommended by Rome Limo Tours. There are so many fun places to see, options to choose from. You want to make your time in Rome unforgettable. Here is where you can find the best destinations to definitely consider visiting during your time in Rome.

Rome in Limo

Rome certainly knows how to be the “belle of the ball”. But aside from all the amazing things to do here, there are also a ton of beautiful places reachable from Rome. You can visit Saint Peter’s Basilica, Sistine Chapel and Vatican with a guide, the Colosseum and other fantastic points of interest one day and take a trip to the countryside the other and be completely speechless by all the beauty at all times.

Tuscany in Limo

The best thing about Rome is that it is literally in the middle of Italy. Offering the possibility to visit other beautiful adjecent regions, like Tuscany, in a day. Consider visiting Florence with a private tour driver, instead of hauling on a train for long hours. Or why not take a private wine tasting in the Chianti region? Tuscany has so much to offer, all completely accessible from Rome.

Central Regions in Limo

Inland is where it’s easier to find the different lifestyles from Town to Town. The Central Regions of Italy offer the “best off the beaten paths” possibilities. The famous Stone garden, Majestic reinassance estates, rustic ghost towns carved in rock hills. The atmosphere changes from one destination to the other. Although the goal remains the same: to be in awe.

Naples in Limo

Naples, not just the beautiful city, but the entire region is filled with history, landscapes, and points of interests. Like Pompeii, the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento and Positano and more. All viewable on a day tour from Rome.

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