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As you stroll around in the “hit” places and streets in Rome, like Via del Corso or Via dei Condotti, or Piazza di Spagna, you’ll notice the one prerogative that somehow brings people walking by together: Fashion;
like Castel Romano or Valmontone. These shopping malls, en plain air, are like little towns, with boutiques, shops, cafes instead of houses. Streets so immaculate, with fountains and lights and a welcoming atmosphere.

They kind of look like movie sets.

Castel Romano Outlet offers all sorts of fashion brands, footwear, sportswear, accessories. Couture is key here, at a more affordable price! Here in Castel Romano the most amazing discounts apply to everything, 30 to 70% off the retail prices. Accessories, Handbags, Shoes (ladies, so many shoes!) clothing and more.
It is a really fun place to visit.
This outlet mall has traditional restaurants, bistros and cafes and even a playground for the kids! That way while children burn off some energy playing and running around, mom and dad can enjoy shopping and hunting for the best bargains.
And Valmontone Outlet, another great outlet mall. Dispersed in decorated lines of hundreds of shops and stores of every kind, with hundreds of Items to choose from.

Imagine names like Etro, Valentino, Calvin Klein, Dolce e Gabbana, Diesel, Salvatore Ferragamo. These are just a few of the most fashion brands you can find in these outlet shopping malls.

In general, our Outlet shopping tour from Rome is highly recommended. Because not only we will provide transportation, but we’ll offer you our luxury vehicles and a personal chauffeur. And if you feel like going all-in, we can offer you one of our professional Personal Shoppers, to guide you through your purchases and will style you to your taste.

May it be for a change of wardrobe or just to buy a pair of last year’s sunglasses, private outlet shopping with Rome Limo Tours is such a stylish activity.

Little hint: Travel lightly on your way to Rome. You’ll need extra room in your suitcase, for all the things you’ll take back home with you, from your day out in Rome on an Outlet shopping spree.

To visit these quaint locations, reach out to us!