Tiny hills overlooking forests

The whole area of Rome’s surroundings is filled with fantastic alternatives and things to do.
The Countryside of Rome hosts so many incredible little towns called “Borghi” (pronounced boreghee), hamlets.
Perched on solid tuff rock surrounded by enchanted forests and landscapes.
There is a place called Caprarola, a small town, that was so dear to noble and influential figures from the past, that would “migrate” to this area, to escape the heat of the torrid summers in Rome. Making this place their home away from home.

A noble, Renaissance palace

Aside from the many estates in the area, there is one in particular we recommend visiting: Villa Lante, converted into a museum and Event hall today.
This building hosts incredible artwork and frescos that beautifully decorate the walls and the rooms. It is an architectural digest, for sure. Everything, down to the littlest of details here is artful, from Ceilings to stairwells. The gardens surrounding Villa Lante are immaculate and the views they offer are simply breathtaking.
From the Nineteenth-Century noble life, you’ll be suddenly transported to a more rustic, simple life style, as you reach the last stop on this Day Trip.

the village of artists

Calcata, a tiny village made entirely of stone, perched ontop of a cliff a hundred feet up in the air, with a forrest and a gentle stream down below. Quiet narrow streets create an acustic calmness and the strong winds blowing from every side, will make you feel a whirlwind of emotions.
It is an ancient town, closed off to the rest of civilization, preserved to this day to maintain its tranquility. It’s almost deserted. Very few intrepid people live here, from the old days, because of its unaccessible structure. In fact the little inhabitants today, aside from the few elderly remained that’ve spent their entire life here, as their families, are artists, sculpturers, writers, musicians, and hippies.
Because in its rustic, dark tranquility, one can easily find inspiration and find time to disconnect from overwhelming routines of modern day life. Even if it may seem inhospitable to live here in Calcata, it is still a very visited place. Making it the perfect town to visit on a day out in the Country. And it hosts several artisan shops and amazing restaurants, embedded in the tiny square, or over the cliff.

So enjoy the quintessential day trip from Rome. A tour to discover ancient curiosities, art and culture, you can only find in the Countryside and off the beaten paths.

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