Make sure that your Day in Rome has everything it takes to turn a simple Rome tour in a once in a lifetime moment. This is the perfect solution for those of you who just can’t wait to see all the famous sites in the City. Here is what the perfect Rome full day tour is all about!

Rome needs no introduction!

Roman delights vary, depending on what your interests are. You can see the classic locations: Colosseum and the Forum, the Pantheon, Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain, this is just to name a few. Or you can explore the most amazing streets, churches, and more. There is so, so much to see in Rome. Everything and anything: from the unknown cobblestone streets in the Ghetto or Trastevere to the anonymous marble plaque engraved in some building’s wall. 

Get ready for the most unexpected “WOW!” effect

Rome hosts some of the most important, venues on Earth! Here is where you will find archeological sites to beautiful Renaissance buildings, to unusual fountains

Tell us what you are in the mood for. We are happy to recommend the most amazing things you can see in Rome.

Every era has left its inheritance to this majestic city.

Roman times, the predominant and everlasting connection Rome has with its origins, for obvious reasons: Ancient civilizations, conquerors, crafty geniuses who have left so many examples of the architectural, pagan, artistic customs and traditions. Churches and buildings hosting offices and apartments, standing today on the foundation of Ancient Roman ruins. Unearthed and restored, for everyone to admire are the intricate architectures of temples and obelisks, streets and centers of commerce, like the Roman Forum.

Renaissance times, delighting us with the most amazing buildings, fountains, sculptures and art work known all over the world. Churches and Basilicas, decorated in beautiful frescoes, structures that are an incredible architectural digest, surrounded by columns, motifs and hidden meanings and puns. Like the marvelous Fountain of the Four Rivers, in Piazza Navona. An outstanding work by Bernini, that just had to undermine the beautiful church built in front of the fountain, that was his arch rivals project. And so the statues of the Four fountains are carved as though they had shield their eyes from the sight of the Church.

Or again, the majestic Trevi Fountain. And the old barber that had a shop adjacent to the fountain. He complained constantly about the ruckus during the constructions. Not to mention how offended he was by its sight, he did not like it one bit. And so, the final architects that worked on the project of the Trevi Fountain, decided to place a sculpture called the Ace of Cups, on the side of the fountain, that happens to be in front of the barber’s shop. To shield his view. And possibly his complaints.

The past and the present, in Rome are perfectly in-sync. Be ready to be transported through different places in time, on a private Rome Limo Tour.

Get ready to appreciate Rome in all its glory, from Roman times, to Middle Ages and Renaissance times and contemporary marvels.

Aside from the classical sites and venues, driving through Rome, you will encounter different neighborhoods, all with its own life to conduct. From Campo Marzio all the way to Trastevere. And you can’t leave out the Jewish Ghetto. In its quaint narrow cobble stone streets, you can find traditional kosher shops and restaurants. A rustic, unique atmosphere you absolutely have to experience. Why not take advantage of the moment and enjoy a nice lunch in one of the typical restaurants. To sample some traditional roman foods with a Hebrew background, like the Jewish artichokes. So delicious.

You absolutely MUST explore Rome on every possible level. Undergrounds included! Did you know that the Eternal City hosts some of the largest most ancient catacombs possibly in the world? Traveling along the Ancient Appian way, there are several catacombs for you to visit. Like the Catacombs of Saint Callixtus!  Vatican city supervises the archeological sites of the Undergrounds of Rome. Being most of the catacombs under many churches and holy grounds. Not to mention that in early Catholicism, mass was conducted in the undergrounds. As the deepest form of religious respect and connection with the past. This is certainly a tour for the bravest! Get ready to be transported in another dimension. And bring a sweater, it gets pretty chilly down there.

If you are in Rome, you will notice instantly just how much this city has to offer

Your personal tour driver will be so happy to show you Rome in all its glory, every aspect and all its glory. Make your time in Rome count with a private Limo Tour that you will remember for ever.

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