Let your imagination run wild

Some call it the Stone Garden, others the Monster’s park. This estate is a Renaissance delight, that once belonged to a noble family and a Knight.
These private gardens in the Countryside of Rome are a Must-See. But they are not exactly what one might expect when speaking of gardens and parks. They are in fact, an intricate trail in the woods, surrounded by fields and a rich variety of plants and trees. But what makes this place so peculiar are the hundreds of giant mythological creatures, carved entirely in the stone, and buildings and temples, scattered around the park, surprising its visitors.

Bomarzo holds incredible secrets

On a private limo trip, your personal tour driver will take you to visit the most wonderful places in the Countryside, on a tour you’ll never forget. After all, this is one of the best Day trips from Rome. Put on your hiking shoes and get ready for a fun walk in nature, to discover monsters and other inhabitants.

Bomarzo is a quaint town in the Countryside of Rome. It’s origins, thanks to the etymology of it’s unique name, could date its foundation in Roman times.
Bomarzo, in latin “polis martium” means the city of Mars. But there are no physical evidence that this is actually a Roman establishments.
Even though there is a Roman brick-making facility nearby, belonged to Emperor Marcus Aurelius’ mother, that suggests otherwise.
It’s the more recent centuries that make this town so fascinating!
Because it’s only in the Medieval and Renaissance times that the artistic, visionary and architectonic interests make their mark.

Monsters’ Grove or Stone Garden

The idea behind such a wonderful place is to recreate subjects from an Italian Novel, to depict the
garden’s owner’s state of mind.
Duke Vicino Orsini, an Italian commander, captain and leader of mercenary campaigns in the middle ages. But he was also patron of the arts.
In devotion to his dearly beloved wife, gone too soon, he created the beautiful Stone gardens in her honor.
What are these gardens about?
The monsters’ park or stone garden is an intricate trail, in the middle of a woods, where ancient mysterious figures are displayed, carved in solid stone. The idea of creating these legendary creatures came to Vicino Orsini in a vision. He was obsessed with the romantic epic poem from the 1500s “Orlando Furioso” by the Italian poet, Ariosto. A story of war and love.
With mystic, arcane symbolism, these stone creatures are meant to fright and astound its visitors.


Here every though flies free. As it sais on the lips of the most famous sculpture in the park. A gian ogre
with big empty eyes and an open mouth so wide that a person can easily fit in it, standing up straight.

Free yourselves of anything that’s holding yuo back and explore Bomarzo with child-like wonder.
Your private tour driver will gibe you all the time in the world, for you to run around this park and will wait
for you by the vehicle. Before heading back to Rome, there are just a few other stops we highly
recommend, for the ultimate “Off the beaten path” experience.

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