Every Thought Flies

That is what the enscription on the monster means. Every thought flies. An accurate observation, for the woods in which this is, is filled with stone carved figures, mythological beasts and imaginary creatures.

The gardens once belonged to the Orsini family. A Duke named Vicino, obsessed with “Orlando Furioso” a romance epic poem from the 1500s written by the Italian poet Ariosto. In fact, the poem is about love and war, and it takes place in an enchanted atmosphere, filled with fantastic creatures.

This is the perfect private tour, so unusual to tell the truth. But totally worth it. You’ll drive through beautiful landscapes, away from the city hustling, to an area filled with wonder. The Bomarzo park is just one of the locations we recommend. There is Villa Lante, in Caprarola, a gorgeous monumental renaissance building. And Calcata is definitely a MUST SEE on your way to Rome.

We are talking spectacular views, fantasyland themed gardens and Historical villages!

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