A trip in a Ghost town called Civita di Bagnoregio. Time travel guaranteed.

On a private shore excursion from Civitavecchia Port, you’ll be transported into different time.

Civita di Bagnoregio

Established over 2500 years ago by the Etruscan settlements, this Ghost town is a quaint village, perched on a steep mound of rock and sand, constantly molded by centuries of constant erosion. This tranquil place, once populated by merchants and farmers, was left to its fate when the living conditions began to worsen and were more precarious, due to the erosion that bit by bit has claimed a piece of land, leaving this town isolated from the rest of civilization, to which it’s connected today only by a bridge.

Orvieto an Etruscan place of wonder

A Cathedral with Gothic facades stands tall in the city center. It is so big that it’s visible from miles away.  This little town is also famous for Saint Peter’s well and other curiosities like Etruscan undergrounds. Still used today! Especially as wine cellars. Since this town, like others in the region is world renowned for its delicious wine production.

Speaking of wines, why not arrange a private wine tasting?

There are several wineries in the area and a tasting is definitely a must. Pair it with some delicious typical dishes and there you have: the perfect lunch experience off the beaten path!

If you are not so interested in the classical touristy venues in Rome, during your cruise with stop in Civitavecchia Port, we highly recommend this Country option. It’s a quaint alternative to some pretty memorable experience one can have while cruising Italy!

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