Amalfi coast on a private tour from Rome is the best!

Step out of the busy Roman atmosphere to connect the true essence of “La Dolce Vita”

A trip to the coast on a day tour from Rome

A day that would include traveling south bound along the coast, on luxury transportation, with the scent of Lemon trees is not just figurative but incredibly accurate.

Feels like summer all year long

Trodding down the Amalfi coast you can come across beautiful places with very special views of the sea, Villa Rufolo, for instance. Or Cimbrone in Ravello, with its historical estate, beautiful gardens, statues, fountains and grottoes and the famous Terrace of Infinity, a Belvedere that lies on the cliff overlooking the Gulf of Salerno.

Amalfi, one of the 4 Marine Republics

It was established as an Autonomous Maritime Republic between the 11th and the 14th century. Along with the Ports of Pisa, Venice and Genova, these 4 Republics were founded to overrule their political and economical power on the maritime affairs, political, military and commercial, throughout the entire Mediterranean basin. So that’s a fun fact!

Then there is Positano, a picturesque tiny town known world wide for it’s peculiar setting. It is perfectly framed by the mountains in the background, and it slides gently down a cliff all the way to a rocky beach. And it’s oh so colorful! Every house is a different color, creating a beautiful “rocky” rainbow connecting the sea with the cliffs and the hills. It’s also one of the most exclusive places in the area, with it’s boutiques and artisanal ceramics, bistros, limoncello shops and more.

While you’re in Positano, take a moment to relax and have lunch in a local restaurants overlooking the sea. Delicious specialties, finest wines, breathtaking views. What more could you want?

Sorrento is another gorgeous town on the Coast, famous for it’s Lemon orchards, shops and beautiful sceneries. Stop by, to grab a quick limoncello and even better, you could buy some, freshly homemade to take with you back home with you, as a memory of this funfilled day on the coast. 

What a beatiful limo tour on a day trip from Rome!

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