Add Firenze to your bucket list. Visiting this city is a definite must. And it’s all possible with a limo tour from! How perfect?

Take advantage of the opportunity! A private tour from your Hotel in Rome all the way to Florence. Traveling beautiful roads, taking in the sceneries and reaching the one and only Firenze. A private tour that would allow you to explore this city in a day. With the assistance of your personal tour driver.

What is there to see in Florence? Oh, so many things! But you want to make sure to include the most famous sites, like Santa Maria del Fiore, and beautiful Piazza Della Signoria. With a view on Palazzo della Signoria, or Palazzo Vecchio.

Ponte Vecchio is unmissable as well! Did you know that it was built circa in the mid 1300s? How interesting. No wonder it’s called Ponte Vecchio, old bridge. A stop to take a selfie on the fence,on the Arno River next to the bridge is a Must. 

There are other important buildings you want to add to your itinerary, like Palazzo Pitti and how can you miss the Accademia Museums? To understand the Florentine everyday life coexisting with so much beauty, you definitely have to visit the Accademia Museums, famous to host some of the artworks, paintings and sculptures of famous masters like Botticelli, Giotto, and where you will find the David of Michelangelo, of course.

There is just so many things to see in this city, from Architectures, museums, churches, galleries, a private limo tour from Rome to Florence is the best way to go if you are looking to learn more about the beautiful city of Florence. 

Strolling around in such a city can sure work up an appetite! Luckily for you, your personal driver knows all the best restaurants in town. Lunch in a Trattoria tipica would be the perfect ending to a perfect day. At the end of this private tour, your driver will take you back to Rome and to your hotel.

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